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We believe you should be thinking about the Holidays 

as you reach for your sunscreen this July... 

and here's why: 

E-commerce Locked & Loaded!

Did you know that 41% of consumers plan to start their holiday shopping before Halloween?* That means the pressure is on to have your visual content for your offers dialed in for e-commerce sales by November 1st in addition to campaign support in email and marketing promotions for these products!

This is especially essential for brands that appear on major search engines such as amazon and etsy. 

The Holiday Season is Busy!!

The earlier you begin planning your strategy the more TIME your creative team has to do their best work and find the best talent to support them with their campaigns. Rushed content can feel forced and may not live up to it’s full potential. Sorting out your ideas and finalizing a strategy ensures that your holiday content day utilizes the props and photo-lists necessary to fulfill all of your Holiday content needs. Most importantly - it gives your creative team time to polish the campaigns so your business stands out on all platforms!

Bonus Tip: 

45% of U.S. consumers said they would like to receive communication from retailers and brands about end-of-year holiday promotions, deals, and/or gift ideas by September** Having your content prepared early allows you to get in front of your consumers sooner! 

Prepare Pitches to Publications

Are you a product manufacturer seeking a feature in a gift guide;  a food industry wholesaler with a phenomenal holiday recipe for a dessert, entre, or appetizer; a service provider with a helpful holiday how-to; or possibly a restaurant/storefront offering an amazing experience or philanthropic event for your community? Publications are always looking for businesses to highlight during the holidays. Having your pitch organized with epic photo content of your offer gives your business a leg up when it comes to being featured!

Bonus Tip

8 in 10 consumers agree that holiday shopping is driven by promotions and repetition is key! (search engines being the main driver).***  “Link Building” via product promotions on external publications can strengthen your SEO! Pitching content ideas can establish your brand as a thought leader and a brand that consumers can trust.

Production Needs

If you are a manufacturer with novel holiday products, you are more than likely working with a deadline as early as the end of July to have all specialty packaging finalized for inventory to arrive in time for holiday orders. We have helped national and international manufacturers meet their production deadlines as well as packaging photos once the product is developed for use in e-commerce and curated product imagery for use in holiday promotions in email blasts, website heroes, and social media.

Bonus Tip

90% of shoppers say that two- or three-day shipping should be the norm.* Due to this expectation Manufacturers need to have inventory in-time for early shoppers and the holiday influx. Check with your production team to ensure you are on track for Holiday Production! 


  • Review old holiday content and features to ensure all links and prices are up to date so sales are not lost on broken links! It is likely these features will be fed to early shoppers in a google search before the holiday content rush of the current season due to best SEO practices.

  • DON'T OVERLOOK PINTEREST! - Pinning your favorite products and services as a gift guide, recipe, or tips and tricks to Pinterest can help drive traffic to your offers!



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